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Jeff was great. Not only was he able to come on short notice, he was incredibly professional and extremely attentive to details. He was thorough, explaining all of the potential issues that he saw as he walked through and evaluated a house that we were looking to purchase. Not only did he explain everything, he also said how he would write about the potential issues in the final report so that it wasn't alarming to us first-time homebuyers. In the end, the final report was only as long as it needed to be. This allowed us to efficiently read through it and make our determination regarding our offer expeditiously - a major win with how crazy the home-buying market is at the moment (late 2020/early 2021). We had a hard time finding the furnace, but unlike the previous inspection done on the house, in which they clearly couldn't find it, Jeff spent a significant amount of time searching for it through the entire basement until he found it. This made me feel like we were incredibly well taken care of and ultimately, gave me more peace of mind. This, in turn, contributed to our feeling comfortable enough to make an offer on the house. Thanks so much!
-Charlie B.

I have used Jeff several times and always found him honest and highly qualified.
-Mike F.

Jeff was outstanding to work with. I joined him during the inspection, and was able to learn everything about my home so I could understand where the weak points are. His experience and expertise are extremely valuable. Afterwards, he provided a detailed report with findings and pictures. Would recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection.
-Matthew Lusco

We've hired Jeff numerous times over the last decade to inspect both personal and investment properties. Mr. Brown provides a detailed, accurate report that cuts to the chase. I appreciate his professionalism and will continue to recommend his services to others
-Bob E., Hoover, Al.

Homepro inspected my condo last month in Trussville. It was my first purchase, but Mr. Brown made me feel at ease with the process. My father suggested I use him, and I'm glad I did.
-Nancy, Trussville, Al.

We just had Jeff inspect a home for us. He was very helpful and pointed out everything he saw, walking us through each part of concern. He documented each item he found and emailed his report the same day with over 500 pictures to document what he found. Very professional and helpful. I have purchased 9 homes now and have worked with plenty of home inspectors. He's good.
-Paul M.

I first used Homepro-Birmingham back in the early nineties to inspect our house in Homewood. We decided to move in 2007, and I found the inspector's business card along with the old report stored in the attic. I called the number, and was somewhat surprised they were still around. I hired them again for our new house.
-Will J., Homewood, Al.

Hire this guy for sure the next time you need an inspection. He answered all our questions and gave a very detailed inspection. He was very professional and friendly - answered his phone promptly, gave an instant quote, was on-time, and has continued to be helpful with follow up questions. The actual inspection took about 2 hours - when he was done, we all sat down and he walked us through everything he found, providing explanations for the urgency of some problems, and recommendations for what the next steps should be for remedy. We had the full written report within the hour via email, complete with tons of pictures. We wholeheartedly recommend Jeff with Homepro.
-Lauren Weege

My husband hired Jeff Brown with Homepro to inspect an older home in Bessemer last year. He found a serious problem with old termite damage in the crawlspace. Also, the roof needed to be replaced. We found another house without all the issues. We have passed his name along to several friends.
-Wanda H., Bessemer, Al.

We purchased a duplex years ago in Forestdale, and hired this company to inspect it. I've called Mr. Brown several times over the years for general information, and he was always very pleasant on the phone. I would use him again and have told several people at work that used him too.
-Nicole N., Forestdale, Al.

Between April to June 2018, Jeff inspected 4 homes for my husband and me. There's no one else we would call for this work other than Jeff. He easy to work with, friendly, personable, and a really smart guy. His demeanor was always professional and consistent. He was always available for follow up questions. I'd also like to add that he treated me, and spoke to me, exactly like he did my husband--he never talked down to me because I'm "the wife" and female. To put it simply: He's a professional and an expert. His inspections are thorough and his advise is clear. If he thinks there is even a slight issue within a house, he is going to write it in the report and advise that you take the opportunity to follow up with additional actions (e.g. get structural engineer reports, call for chimney inspection, roofing inspection, etc.). His pricing is fair--even giving us a discount for calling him so much! His work and advice definitely saved us from purchasing a few cute, but quickly declining, houses. THANKS, Jeff!! Jill & Brian
-Jill Deaver

Mr. Brown inspected a home we recently helped our son purchase. He did a very thorough job, detecting several issues that we were able to resolve prior to purchase. What was not repaired prior, was subtracted from the final price of the house. Mr. Brown took the time needed to personally go over the list of issues he felt needed to be addressed, and made suggestions of things to look for in the future, as the house is fairly old and will need improvements over the next few years. I would highly recommend Homepro Birmingham, and Mr. Brown, and we will use him again if we are in the market to buy a home.
-Christine G.

I used Jeff Brown for my inspection when I bought a new home. He was very thorough and took the necessary time to inspect the full house. The information provided was very helpful and helped me get a few things fixed that needed to be done prior to me closing! I would definitely recommend!
-Brittany Cash

Jeff was extremely professional and objective when inspecting the house I was interested in. He is fully capable of pointing out even the most minute of issues and did well in explaining the process in fixing them. His transparency and willingness to listen aided me greatly in learning more about the property.

Wow! Celebrating 26 years in business and have surpassed 10,000 home inspections performed since 1990. I feel fortunate to still truly enjoy the inspection business on a daily basis. Thank you to all those previous clients who continue to refer our services. Jeff Homepro
-Jeff Brown

I've used Mr. Brown's services for two separate home inspections so far. He has always been professional, courteous, and punctual. His reports are thorough, and he takes the time to explain what was listed in the report and why. I would recommend HomePro, Inc. to anyone who is in need of a home inspection.
-Brad H.

home inspector birmingham al

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