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Most homeowners and potential buyers don't have much experience with the home inspection process. If you'd like to know a little more about home inspections, you've come to the right place. Jeff Brown at Homepro-Birmingham Inc. has the answers you need. He has been inspecting homes for over 30 years and provides accurate, informative and reliable inspections to homeowners and buyers throughout the greater Birmingham area.

Check out our frequently asked questions below for more information on our process and services.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house. A single-family home inspection typically takes 2-4 hours to complete, though this depends on the size and condition of the home. After the inspection, we'll send you an inspection report with our findings.

What does a home inspection include?

During a typical home inspection, your inspector will check out the:

  • Heating system
  • AC system
  • Interior plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Roof
  • Attic
  • Visible insulation
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Foundation
  • Basement
  • Structural components

If we can't get to certain areas due to safety, we'll let you know.

Why do homebuyers need a home inspection?

Buying a home is a huge investment. To make sure they're making a sound investment, homebuyers need to learn as much as they can about the house before they buy it. With a home inspection, they'll know if any part of the house needs major repairs or maintenance.

Can a house fail a home inspection?

Houses don't pass or fail regular home inspections. Your inspector will simply describe your home's condition and point out what areas might need major repairs or replacements. A home inspection is not an appraisal or a municipal inspection and does not verify local code compliance.

What if the inspection report reveals problems?

It's normal for every home to have at least some issues, but major problems might lead you to rethink your investment. That's why we do our best to provide every client with the knowledge needed to make a sound decision when it comes to buying or selling their home.

Do the homebuyers have to be there during the inspection?

No, but ASHI recommends attending. This allows homebuyers to ask questions throughout the process. Talking to your inspector can give you a better understanding of the home and how to maintain it.

Can I perform the inspection myself?

Some states or lenders require a licensed inspector to do it, but even in states that don't, it's not recommended. Home inspectors are specially trained to look for things you may miss. You don't want to find out about major issues right after you buy a new home.

When does the inspection usually take place?

In most cases, the inspection takes place shortly after the seller accepts the buyer's offer and before the appraisal. If you're the buyer, you'll want to schedule the home inspection as soon as you can so that you can have time to make repair requests. If the inspector uncovers something serious enough to be a deal-breaker, you'll want to know sooner rather than later.

Is the inspection part of my closing costs?

No. You'll have to pay for the inspection when we perform it.

Does a home inspection check for mold in the house?

Not usually. If we find visible signs of mold, we'll let you know, but we won't perform a full mold inspection.

If you have any further questions, contact us today. Our home inspector will be happy to answer all of your questions.